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Modest Muslimah Suriname

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Modest Muslimah Suriname is the top leading modest fashion shop in Suriname. From long tunics and casual/elegant maxi dresses to fashionable scarves and the latest ready to wear hijabs and more. For those who wants to cover, but yet want to stand out.


Nice that you take the time to know us. I am Margie and Marinie and together we have been the force behind Modest Muslimah Suriname since 2015.

In 2015 an idea started to become reality. In that year we took a step to give modest clothing a place in the world of Fashion in a fun and fashionable way. Because why should modest clothing not be beautiful and chic?

Together we want to positively change the outlook on clothing. Muslims do not walk in "tents or boring clothing", as is popularly called. Let us take the step to covering clothing in modest fresh colors and get rid of the cheaper fabrics. Because a Muslim woman deserves this and by changing the aspects of color and choice of fabric, the view on this can change.

We want to achieve this by initially making our offer unique. Unique in color and fabric choice. Every item of clothing is checked for quality. Our collection is unique from various facets, with the aim that you may feel PROUD to wear modest unique clothing. Will we together give modest clothing a respected place in the world of fashion?